December 09, 2012

Family Dinner

Last Wednesday was a feast day as all the dutchies will know. It was Sinterklaas which is basically about an old man from Spain that comes to Holland each year and gives all the kids presents. Quite the same as Santa Clause in the U.S.A and the U.K.

So this year we decided to skip it for once, because everyone was very busy and didnt have time to buy anyone presents. My aunt invited us to come over for dinner just to have a good time together. My grandma an aunt had prepared lovely food which was really tasty.

After dinner we were surprised with presents (which we decided not to do this year) but my grandma couldn't help it to spoil us after all. I've got a little bracelet and a gift-card for a drugstore.

The lovely food they prepared for us

our desert :)

xoxo Anne

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