July 03, 2014

Interior Inspiration

Tomorrow I will receive the keys of my new "home" where I will be living for the next 4 years.
Because I am going to college this September to start my new study in the city Groningen. Which is an awesome city where a lot of students live. And soon, I am going to be one of them. I have been looking around on Pinterest for the interior I would like for my room.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -5

I like the really soft pink colors with the grey, or just white walls with pops of color in the decoration. I know my room doesn't have a lot of light from outside, so I have to keep everything from the interior very light.

Of course I will take pictures for you from before and after I decorated it. A lot of furniture will be bought from the thrift-store and pimped with a little bit of paint. I will keep you guys updated on this little decoration adventure.

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