March 10, 2014

Weekend Summary || 4

This weekend the weather was outstanding good. On Saturday I was going to be home alone, but I went with my dad to a Home & Garden Show where he had to be in a stand for a company. We sat inside all day which wasn't that nice, but all in all we had a nice day.

Yesterday though, I stayed at home to enjoy the weather. It was 20 degrees celcius outside, so I grabbed my sunglasses and went for a walk in the woods with the dogs.

They certainly looked like they enjoyed themselves.

After my walk, i got home, had some lunch and then I went to an ice-hockey game with my uncle. That felt a bit weird, because outside it was really warm and when we came into the ice-rink, it was a lot colder.
We unfortunately lost, but they did their best and the game was really good.

Did you have this beautifull weather this weekend too? Or did you do something fun this weekend? Tell me, because I love to hear about it!

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