February 12, 2014

Wednesday Wishes || 3

* That motorcycle, I mean just look at it! I think i'm in loveee Wish i would look that fabulous on a motorbike though, unfortunately it rains all the time here so i have to suit up in that ridiculous textile suits.. But this kind of motorcycle is definitely on my wishlist.

* I love this watercolor painting of a tiger. I would definitely hang something like this in my house/room. I think it looks tough but also very sophisticated.

* Another tattoo, i just had my first tattoo last October which was in memory of my granddad who died 4 years ago. I really want another tattoo, but i think a tattoo has to mean something or stand for something. So i probably have to put it on hold for a while and really think about what i want. This elephant looks really cool though!

What is on your wishlist?

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