August 02, 2013

Keep Calm & Carry On

Last saturday me and my friend went into town to do a little shopping, we were just looking around for some things. I have bought some things, which i have taken pictures of to show to you!

A new diary for when i am going to school, to write pretty/important things. I love it that it has a whole week per 2 pages, so you don't have to write super small to fit on the box for that day.

A new waterproof mascara from Catrice, the other mascara I own is not waterproof so it smudges out very easily. I tested this mascara on a night out and it was sweaty and hot inside, but my makeup stayed on, so this mascara passed the test. And a huge pro is that these mascaras from Catrice are super cheap!!

 This gorgeous nude palette from Catrice, also very cheap and these colors you can use on a daily basis. But the darker colors you can also use for a night out of you ad some golds or glitter shades.

I bought this bracelet on a little market for only €15,- and it is real leather. These bracelets from the brand Noosa are very popular and I like the fact that you can change the chunks on them, you can either do colors or bronze, silver and gold like I did. I really like this bracelet, because you can mix it with everything to make it look a little more edgy.

I bought this little bottle of eau de toilette from playboy for going out, because you want to smell good and this is a very small bottle you can carry around without any trouble. It is a very nice sweet scent, but not overwhelming.

Last but not least, I have bought this cute sandals/slippers at a local store with a huge discount. I like that they don't look really sloppy but quite chic, so you can also wear these when you're going out with a nice pair of dark shorts.

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Xoxo Anne
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