June 18, 2013

Week trip day 4 || Icehockey

On tuesday we all went with our guide's to the companies that we're "linked" to us. For us there was an icehockeyclub because we had to try to sell Art-Ice to them. If you want to know exactly what it is you can google it, because i don't want to talk about the product. We had a guide from the community with us and a man that was responsible for the sport facilities in Martin. He showed us around at the ice hockey club, but soon it was very clear that the club didn't have enough money to buy an Art-Ice rink. That was a shame but not a problem because we were there to learn from these experiences.

The most kindly thing was that we got a signed shirt from the team which was also an original shirt. That was very cool!

The man that handed over the shirt, was the General Manager of the club and a council member.

The rest of the day they showed us around in Martin and told us things about the city and the economy and of course sport-facilities. So we got a lot of pretty pictures of the view we had on the way to some kind of tower.

This was day 4 of the weektrip! Day 5 coming up soon!

Thank you for reading.

xoxo Anne
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