May 29, 2013

Weekend away

Hi peeps! Last weekend we went a weekend away to a bungalowpark in our province. We arrived on Friday afternoon and we decided to bring our dogs with us. So we checked in and went for a walk because the weather was beautiful and we had to wait till our bungalow was clean. At 3 o'clock we were allowed to get to our bungalow with the car. The dogs had to used to it a lot and that night they were howling and i didn't sleep. So the next day we had to bring them back home..

The ducks swimming in the big lake

The parrots in the marketdome 

Enjoying the sun on the first day :)

We had a great weekend with lots of swimming, because they have a great swimmingpool, 4 actually so more kind of a swimmingparadise. It was very fun and it is so beautiful there. We all got our rest and fun so we were ready for the next week to come!

P.S. The 30 day snap challenge is just a few days away!

xoxo Anne

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