May 21, 2013

30 Day Snap

Since I feel a little but uninspired for my blog lately, i decided to join the 30 Day Snap Challenge from Sprinkle of Glitter. If you want to read all about it, you can visit her blog.

As some of you may know, I am going to Slovakia in June with my class from school. We have a project there where we have to visit different companies for the companies we represent. We will be staying there till one week and then we'll be flying back to Holland.

It's just a little less then 2 weeks till we're going to suit up and fly to Slovakia. But we are also going to visit Vienna first, because we will be landing there and then the trip to Martin (Slovakia) is by car.

So the 30 Day Snap is going to be all kind of snaps, foreign and in my own country. If you want to join this challenge you can, but i recommend you read Sprinkle of Glitter's blogpost first.

Thank you for reading!

xoxo  Anne
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