January 27, 2012

Brand new

Hello welcome to my blog,

This is my first blog-post and I'm going to write my blog as if it is a diary. 
We started school again and I am in my second year of the training. 
I study for international business and we have a really small class, we are only with 7 people and 5 of them are boys. So yeah I know, I'm not the only girl but sometimes it's unfortunate to be with only 2 of us. Although we always have fun together.

In the first year we've been to Budapest for 8 days. It was a great experience to go there with some other students from Holland too. We had to cooperate with Finnish students and start our own fictional company and sell our "products" to them. So we had to speak a lot of English.
But this year's project is going to end in a 3 week business trip to Slovakia, yippee!
And our class also has the chance to go with the first-year students as a "buddy" to Athens. 
This year can't get any better I think. So I will probably post my adventures on those trips and of course a lot of pictures!

I also have an Instagram account from which I will post pictures every week on this blog.
Of course you can follow me on Instagram my account name is: lifeasanne

Hope you'll stick around.

xoxo Anne

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